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Footnotes: BYU Brackets; Schroders Going Back to PwC; Make Your Firm a Partner Magnet | 03.25.13

Dell Founder Said to Weigh Switching to Blackstone Offer [DealBook]

NACVA Merges CVA and AVA Valuation Credentials [AT]

BYU did their brackets according to academic prolificity again. [BYU Accounting, 2012, 2011, 2010]

Auditors required to modify New York City form [JofA]

PwC returns as Schroders auditor “As part of the process to confirm the independence of the audit firm prior to making a recommendation to shareholders, KPMG advised the company that it did not meet the regulatory requirements for independence for all relevant Group companies,” Schroders said. [FT]

Many Execs See CFOs as Poor Operators [CFO]

How to Attract New Partners from Inside and Outside Your Firm [AWEB]

A Bizspeak Blacklist Are you on the same page as the sacred cow that got thrown under the bus in seamless integration? [HBR]