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We Feel Obligated to Tell You About This Forensic Accountant Turned ‘Professional Girlfriend’

Neon lips

Insider ran a story the other day about Mia Lee, a former Wall Street forensic accountant who loves collecting scotch, racing fast cars, and fighting mixed martial arts.

Writes Insider:

These interests, and her inability to feel shame, guilt, and fear make her the perfect girlfriend-for-hire for wealthy business and tech executives in New York City.

To Lee, banging dudes for money is preferable to her old job, the grueling pace of which drove her to depression. On leave from work in 2018, she realized that her job was destroying her so she left for good. At that point, she’d already experimented with some freelance “sugaring” (Google that if you want) after a coworker told her about how he was sugar daddy to women he met on Seeking Arrangement. She went full-time in 2019.

a screenshot of the Insider article about Mia Lee

She says she’s billing guys at $1,500/hr, or rather a minimum of $3,000 for up to two hours of her time; 48 hours costs clients $20,000. She told Insider she expects to make $400,000 to $800,000 before taxes and expenses and taxes, after making $29,000 her first year as a full-time sex worker. Because of the “extremely high variance” in her main gig, she supplements with camming, stripping, and phone sex.

“My tagline is, ‘You can take the girl off Wall Street, but you can’t take the banker out of the whore,’ and it turns out that that plays really well into a lot of professional gentlemen’s dream-girl-from-the-office,” fantasies, Lee told Insider.

Please don’t give clients any ideas.

A Wall Street accountant quit her job to become a ‘professional girlfriend’ to wealthy executives [Insider]

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