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Watch This Guy Demonstrate How to be Both a Horrible Recruiter and a Horrible Human Being

I apologize in advance for the Reddit repost. No, actually, I don't apologize. If one of you have an issue with this, please go embezzle a few million, get caught, and then call me from jail so I can write about it, thanks.

Meanwhile, is this the worst recruiter ever?

(LONG POST – but I have to vent so sorry) And it really pissed me off. I'm not looking to move positions at the moment, but a position came open for a company that I really wanted to work for. After talking to the recruiter about the position I sent my resume over and he asked me some questions about it, usual stuff. I answered his questions and he didn't even confirm that he received the answers.

I didn't hear anything back in a couple of days so I sent a response back three days afterwards asking how the process was going. No response. I sent another e-mail 5 days afterwards saying along the lines 'how is it going'. No response.

I sent another e-mail today stating 'Hey, I'm thinking about using another recruiter for this same position. I have family who works for this company and I'd really like to be a part of it, please respond back or I will be using him instead.' Here is his response in all it's glory:

(name here) – read this carefully:

Do not send me frivolous little emails repeatedly asking if I’ve heard back from Company A about your background…… sound desperate and its irritating having to hear the same thing from you 84 times when I have a million other things on my desk. Like I told you on the front end, I will let you know once I hear back from them. Having placed nearly half of the Tax team at Company A, they are typically very responsive when they have interest in a candidate and having not heard back from them (after having followed up with them twice) on your profile leads me to the belief that:

  1. They are not interested in you for the position

  2. They are very busy and are still in the process of collecting applicants for the role

I’m so very happy that your [family member] has been with Company A for as long as he/she has and that some other recruiter also called you about the position on Friday. Your resume has been on the desk of the direct hiring manager for the position since [date here] and there has been no response. If you’d like, I can cruise past their offices at low-speed holding a sign that says “HEY WILL YOU GUYS PLEASE INTERVIEW [name here]” and see if that gets them moving?

Not trying to be a (complete) asshole here but I don’t like being antagonized."

Any time someone says "I'm not trying to be a complete asshole," that's generally exactly what they are doing. If, in fact, this guy was not trying to be a complete asshole, I'd hate to see him when he's actually trying.

Anyway, recruitee's response and subsequent communication by the Recruiter of the Year are over at Reddit. You're not going to believe me but this isn't even the worst of it, so go have a look…