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If You’re Really Big Into Commenting on Five-Year Strategic Plans, the PCAOB Wants to Hear From You

It’s been a slow day around GC HQ, and the weekend is almost here. But before we go, here’s a riveting article on the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board’s draft of its five-year strategic plan, which is now open for public comment.

In a nutshell, a survey was sent out last April asking investors, auditors, audit committee members, and the like what they thought the PCAOB’s vision and priorities should be now that it has a new chairman and all-new board members. And the board wanted to find out what opportunities were out there to help fulfill its mission of “protecting investors and the public interest through high-quality audit reports.”

The PCAOB’s brain trust and staff also had a chance to weigh in on the board’s strategic planning.

After the survey results were tallied and the feedback was digested, the PCAOB put together a draft of its 2018-2022 strategic plan, which includes the following five goals:

  1. Drive improvement in the quality of audit services through a combination of prevention, detection, deterrence, and remediation.
  2. Anticipate and respond to the changing environment, including emerging technologies and related risks and opportunities.
  3. Enhance transparency and accessibility through proactive stakeholder engagement.
  4. Pursue operational excellence through efficient and effective use of our resources, information, and technology.
  5. Develop, empower, and reward our people to achieve our shared goals.

So, if commenting on five-year strategic plans is your thing, you can provide yours to the PCAOB by Sept. 10, 2018.

Or you could just comment below. Your choice.

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