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Let’s Get Jolly In This Friday Open Items

At last, the day we've waited all week for is here, PRAISE BASTET! Before we get to celebrating, I have a few things and no, sorry, it's not a YouTube video of some guy falling down an escalator (but I have one if you have had that kind of week and need one, just let me know).

First, we're open for business as usual on Monday though we'll be pretty much coasting through the end of the year from there so unless one of you decides to get caught insider trading on clients or embezzling from your firm in the most creative way possible, don't expect much out of us. If you happen to see any newsworthy items or want to get any stupid advice emails out of the way that we'd usually ignore in busier times, do so now. We will also accept links to firm holiday cards, memes, and general nonsense but to whoever put "Boogers" in the tip box… just don't. What are you, 4?! Boogers aren't even funny. "Farts" might have made me laugh (no one get any bright ideas, now) but boogers hasn't been funny since all the Golden Girls were still alive and making new shows.

ANYHOO. You may have noticed a bit of a discussion about the PCAOB around here this week. Please keep your opinions on that matter to the respective threads and don't bring that here. This is OPEN ITEMS, not "a place to put what you wanted to say about a post because you're too lazy to click back three posts and post it there."

Lastly, for those of you traveling home to be with friends and family, safe travels and congratulations on breaking out the asylum!

Now have at it!