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(UPDATE) Layoffs Watch ’12: Deloitte

Apparently some IT professionals were recently informed that their services were no longer needed:

Deloitte have laid off nearly their entire IT staff in Hermitage, TN over the last few days. Rumor is that they will start outsourcing their software development to save themselves salaries, benefits and retirement of employees…many of whom have been there in excess of 10 years. 
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UPDATE: We had another person reach out to us that wanted to clarify that not all the IT staff were located in Hermitage:
There are and have been layoffs going on here in Hermitage over the last week, but your report made it sound like all of IT was cut and that's not the case.  The layoffs have been a few here and a few there with the exception of a couple of teams here that were completely gutted.
Keep us updated. Oh, and Happy New Year's Eve to the firm.