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CPA Candidate Discovers That Scheduling an Exam on the Last Day of Testing Window Is a Bad Idea

The Prometric stories keep rolling in and I can't say I'm surprised. I'm hoarding a lot of the similar ones for my own purposes (namely writing an angry letter to the AICPA and NASBA on your behalf once we have enough ammo) but came across this one left in the comments last night:

I CAN NOT fully express the feeling of anger that I currently experience towards Prometric test center for emailing me just around 8pm today (12hrs before my CPA exam at 8am), to inform me that they will be closed all day tomorrow "due to technical Issues", so I cannot take the exam… SERIOUSLY!??!!?!?!?!??!?!!?!?!?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! ON THE LAST DAY OF THE TESTING WINDOW!!!???? AFTER I SPENT THE WHOLE MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND AND EVERY MINUTE OF MY TIME UP TO THIS POINT STUDYING?!?!??!?……………… SERIOUSLY?!??!! 
This HAS to END!

Glance at the date on your monitor quickly. That's right, the last day of May.

Now, last this candidate updated, they called the testing center to make sure the email wasn't a mistake (hey, it's happened) and the testing center message did say they will be closed all day today. Since, you know, there's no testing in June, we can only assume this candidate has no choice but to reschedule for early July. Which means somehow trying to keep FAR fresh in their mind throughout June despite being ready to test TODAY and needing to get that information dumped in the computer TODAY before it evaporates. Such a shame.

Poor candidate. Could have just gotten drunk at a Memorial Day BBQ Monday but instead sat locked in a room cramming government accounting and cash flows only to find out it was all in vain.

What's with all these technical issues, Prometric? I could set up a living room full of Windows 95 computers strung together with extension cords in my pre-war condo during a blizzard and not have as many technical issues as this.

I guess the bright side is that they actually emailed the candidate instead of simply leaving a note on the door.

Some may argue that this is why you don't schedule your exam for the last day of the testing window but why can't you? That's why the testing window exists. Sure there are procrastinators who wait until the last possible minute but I'm willing to guess that for some, it's just more convenient.

Wonder how they are going to explain this one…

If you have a horrible Prometric story to share, you know what to do.