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PwC UK Will Be Getting a New Top Dog

PwC office in Munich

PwC UK Chairman Kevin Ellis and hardcore RTO fanboy is apparently leaving after two terms and the hunt is on for the lucky person to replace him.

Reported Sky News:

Sky News has learnt that the world’s biggest accountancy firm has initiated the process through which its supervisory board – consisting of PwC partners – will oversee the installation of a successor to Kevin Ellis.

The firing of the starting-gun on the process to fill arguably the most prestigious job in British professional services has ignited internal speculation about the identity of Mr Ellis’s replacement.

While a shortlist will not be identified until April, when the election of a new UK chair will also take place, insiders have pointed towards several female partners as credible contenders.

Isn’t Deloitte the biggest?

Over the past few years Ellis has shown up in these pages talking about how the firm is trying to get people back into the office. See:

Would be pretty funny if the firm replaced him with AI.

He was elected to his position in 2016 and scored a second term in 2020. “Over the past four years the world our clients operate in and the challenges we help them solve have become more complex. We will continue to invest in quality, upskilling our people and technology as we respond to the fourth industrial revolution,” he was quoted saying in a press release about his second term. In 2021, Ellis took home £4.4 million ($5.6 million USD).

As to his replacement, a spokesperson told Sky News the process begins this month and final candidates will be known in April. Let’s hope the next one is a bit more open-minded about hybrid work.

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