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UPDATE: Last Night’s Real Emmy Stars: Ernst & Young

I couldn't possibly care less about the Emmy Awards but apparently some people do so let's address the highlights as they pertain to the topic at hand, shall we?

First off, the Big Bang Theory cast apparently paid homage to the all-important Ernst & Young accountants in charge of "tabulating the votes, work[ing] with the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences to protect the Emmy® brand by reviewing the process [and] the fair application of all rules and the security of balloting."

Per Variety:

Another small but wonderful bit: the cast of "Big Bang Theory" riffing to the sight of the Ernst & Young accountants doing their traditional walk on stage. "Good to see him back in action after blowing out his finger during a Powerpoint presentation," enthused Jim Parsons, in character as Sheldon Cooper.

We looked and looked and looked for a video of this skit but came up empty-handed. If anyone has seen one, let us know and we'll add it here.

And check out these stunning EY briefcases protecting all that hot Emmy action, huh!

Pic via Reuters.

If you've always wondered how, exactly, votes are calculated, check out this really boring 2010 interview with LA Times' entertainment reporter Joe Flint and EY partner Andy Sale:

Highlight of the interview:

[Joe Flint]: Do you get groupies out of this?

[Andy Sale]: I can't say I've seen a lot in the way of groupies.

Shock! Congrats, Ernst & Young, for your 3 minutes of fame last night. For the record, it doesn't make up for Repo 105 but hey, maybe another 24 years of overseeing this important evening in American television and everyone will forget all about the L word (Lehman I mean, not that lesbian show).

Update: Hey, look at that, we've got the Big Bang Theory accountant skit on YouTube. Thanks, Internet!