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Are KPMG Chicago’s New Digs a Little Kramped?

Last week, we learned that KPMG was the latest accounting firm to be apple of Rahm Emanuel's eye. The House of Klynveld is hiring 500 new employees over the next 5 years in Chicago and they also unveiled their new digs and plans to invest $165 million at the Aon Center. It was a pretty great day for Kamp KPMG in Chicago. HOWEVER, word from inside is less enthusiastic:

I heard KPMG Chicago moved to the Aon building to downsize office space. I found this interesting for 2 reasons:
1.       They said they were hiring more people in Chicago
2.       The Aon building doesn’t have enough cubicles so new staff sits together in a conference room
Our understanding is that this is an especially touchy subject in the tax practice (which makes sense since the audit and advisory staff likely have to hotel if they want to work in the office):
[This] is true for tax. They had requirements for moving due to the limited space at Aon. They were told that they could only move one box of stuff to Aon and that new staff is not assigned a cubicle but a space in a conference room instead.
It would be understandable if the KPMG tax folks were a little kranky about the kramped space. Unlike auditors, they can't be expected to know what it's like to work with ten to fifteen other people in a conference room the size of a closet.