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Layoff Watch ’21: EY Workplace Services Coordinators Apparently Have a Decision to Make

[Updated this evening with additional information.]

This was sent to our tipline last night:

All workplace services coordinators at EY will have to go work for a contractor or be fired. They are telling employees tomorrow. They are making a big deal by saying this is not a lay off. Admins and IT will be offered early retirement.

Not surprised that EY is trying to sugarcoat the word “layoff” because firm brass made sure to use every term imaginable but layoffs when describing the hundreds of employees who were kicked to the curb last September (performance-based separations, involuntary headcount reductions, etc.).

Thanks to another tipster, here are several slides with important deadlines that workplace services coordinators received today regarding the future of their jobs at EY. But first, here’s the summary introduction:

As shared on Wednesday, January 27, we will transition part of our US Enterprise Support Services (ESS) team — specifically, our Workplace Services (WS) management and staff — to CBRE effective May 4, 2021. All impacted WS staff will be offered a role with CBRE. To receive an offer, you must register your interest with them and complete an application. Eligible WS staff will also have the option to elect a voluntary Enhanced Retirement Offer (ERO). Please find listed below contacts and resources to assist you.

So … the contractor is the real estate services and investment firm CBRE. When I asked the source who sent us the slides if CBRE would be providing support services similar to what the EY workplace services coordinators were doing, this person said:

Yes. We were basically told that EY is an accounting firm that specializes in accounting and that CBRE specializes in facilities management so they have decided to outsource to professionals in their field.

We are being guaranteed a position with CBRE although there is no guarantee that it will be on the EY account. They also told us that we would be guaranteed employment with CBRE for 12 months and that our tenure will transfer over. EY did mention that they are creating two new positions that we can apply for, but again, no guarantees.

If we decide to turn down the CBRE job and don’t apply with EY, we will be paid a severance which is a minimum of four weeks and a max of 12. This is what I’m planning to do.

Until this morning I honestly didn’t know what a workplace services coordinator does at EY (although I figured it was a back-office, non-client-facing role), but then I found this job posting online for the position:

Key Responsibilities:

  • Serve as a general resource to EY employees, helping to connect them to the appropriate support within the firm. You are the person people rely on to know what to do and how to do it.
  • Complete daily responsibilities such as checking the mail, resetting conference rooms, tidying the communal spaces such as the kitchen, and keeping up on supplies inventory.
  • Consistently maintain a high level of tidiness throughout the studio to keep the space safe, functional, and productively utilized.
  • Understand how creative teams utilize their space, tools, and technologies to be most successful at their jobs.
  • Support various administrative functions, making certain that consistency and quality are your top priorities. Coordinate conference room demands and ensure client meetings are supported with appropriate A/V and catering services.
  • Act as the onsite equipment expert/problem solver (projectors, Bluetooth connections, printers, etc.) and maintain a close relationship with the IT support team. Identify and resolve malfunctioning equipment. Facilitate work order system and track service call responsiveness.
  • May coordinate minor construction and renovation projects, including associated furniture and technology installations, moving furniture, copiers, boxes, equipment, etc.
  • Coordinate local office orientations. Provides tours, make introductions, and help set up new joiners or guests to be productive on day one. Assist with departures as needed.
  • Support the coordination of internal and external events sponsored by the studio, including social activities, volunteer efforts, marketing events, and annual offsites.
  • May provide line of sight facility spending priorities to the Location Manager to support the development of annual budgets and ensure that the studio operates within its budgetary guidelines.
  • Support “green” initiatives and encourage best practices to reduce our carbon footprint.

The timing of all this is interesting because we got a tip a couple weeks ago that said:

More job eliminating or offshoring at EY. Don’t have any other info just know I am not the only one.

I know for sure Client Technology personnel are affected.

That’s all we know as of right now. If any EYers have more information about this ultimatum affecting WSC personnel and job cuts impacting IT and admins, get in touch with us via text or email using the contact info below.

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