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(UPDATE) Here’s Your Open Thread for PwC Compensation Discussions (2014)

Over the last 24 hours, we have been bombarded with tips that PwC comp discussions are happening. Historically, PwC has been first to kick off comp talks and it appears that's the case this year as we've yet to hear about any discussions at other firms.

Let's head to the tip box and see what the anxious unwashed masses are saying:

i hear some pwc people are already finding out their raises for next year, can we start a thread?

And this:

PwC compensation meetings have started this week in Houston. I'd assume in other offices as well.

Compensation post time?

Some other guy said discussions started but failed to tell us where he was so he sucks.

Please remember if you are sharing details your fellow grunts respectfully request you include your city (listing your region is not informative), service line, current level/title, if you were promoted, bonus if applicable, and the amount of your raise. You are welcome to include any comments on how all this makes you feel — good or bad — and any other information you think will be useful.

It's 2 years old at this point but we will also include a link here to the confidential guide to PwC's performance review process we shared with you all back in 2012, it should help you get a general idea whether or not you got screwed.

PwC is still lingering below Deloitte on Accounting Today's Top 100 but the good news is revenue is up nearly 9% so there should be a little sharing of the wealth. Let's get it started!

Update: a tipster sent us the time table of partner promotions (check), raises, other promotions, bonuses etc etc. Useful stuff if you're on the receiving end, but then I guess you'd already have this information if it applies.