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Accounting News Roundup: Deloitte’s Funky Math; AICPA Tells It Like It Is; World Tour of Settlements | 06.18.14

AICPA Names New Technical Director for Center for Plain English Accounting [AICPA]
Thomas Groskopf is your new $20 word killer, succeeding the late Dr. Tom Ratcliffe. 

UI graduate student union concerned about Deloitte [WCF Courier]
Deloitte Consulting revealed it could save universities $30 million to $80 million annually during a town hall at the University of Northern Iowa on Monday. "We have deep concerns this is going to impact the quality of undergraduate education, increase class sizes and faculty loads," said Jeannette Gabriel, leader of UI’s graduate student union or COGS. “We feel strongly that there should be a drastic cut of salaries at top rather than impacting undergraduate education.”

Deloitte threatened with legal action [economia]
Meanwhile, across the pond…

KPMG class action settles out of court [The Australian]
And way way across the pond…

The Clintons have a very complicated tax life. Here’s how to understand it. [The Fix via WaPo]
Perhaps you, like 99.983 percent of Americans, are not familiar with residence trusts as a means of reducing estate tax bills. (We made up that percentage.) Perhaps you are also in the 99.987 percent of Americans who aren't particularly worried about whether or not the estate you leave your kids will exceed $5.3 million. (That one, too.) But maybe, just maybe, you are curious just how much the Clintons — you know, Bill and Hillary — saved on their estate taxes by using a sophisticated planning tool. We were, so we asked an expert.

Ride services, room sharing targets for taxes [USA Today]
You mean Uber and Airbnb?

Lawmakers Skeptical on Emails and I.R.S. [NYT]
Six additional Internal Revenue Service workers lost emails sought by congressional investigators when their computers crashed, investigators announced Tuesday, escalating Republican suspicions that the employees may have been trying to cover up political targeting of Tea Party organizations.

Senate Panel Rips Dr. Oz a New One for Lying to Your Fat Face [Gawker]
*throws out green coffee and raspberry ketones*