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An uncertain senior looking for a job at a big 4


I just came across this website and believe it may be a godsend as I am completely uncertain of what I should do after I graduate. I will tell you a little about me so you can hopefully help me. I am currently a senior at a smaller, state school, that is AACSB accredited. My problem stems in that I want to work at one of the big 4 firms and want to get my CPA but am not sure how to get there.

I am unable to apply for spring internships as I am a basketball player who’s season is in the spring. While some firms did offer summer internships in my area I wasn’t able to do those either as summer workouts limited my time availability and  I ended up doing a part time internship at a private company. My grades are pretty good for a student athlete (3.5). When I graduate in May I will only have 131 credits completed. Earlier this year I did attend our job fair and got my name out a little bit, but none of the big 4 had booths there. I did have an interest in a local firm that wanted me to visit after my season was over in march. The problem is that I go to school in Indiana but want to eventually move back to my hometown of Denver. In the fall I applied to all of the big 4 for summer internships. I was thinking I could get an internship in the summer, get my MAcc, study for the cpa, and then start working at the firm I interned at. I didn’t get any summer internships in Denver.


If I get my MAcc how significant is it that I get it in Colorado where I plan to work after I graduate?

Is going to University of Colorado, Colorado State, or Regis University for my MAcc worth the extra money then going to a smaller more affordable public school? ( I currently have no debt, and can probably afford it but is it worth it)

The local firm that had interest in me wanted me to take summer classes to reach the 150 credits while studying for the cpa. They wanted me to be able to start working in October. Should I consider not getting my MAcc and just taking some classes to get to 150 to take the CPA?

I had originally considered getting my MBA to reach the 150, is that something I should consider or would it make more sense to stick with the MAcc?

I know its a lot of questions but I truly am lost on what I should do. Thank you for taking your time to help me with my struggle.