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Choosing between PwC and Deloitte NYC, please advise!

I am deciding between my Deloitte and PwC (both NYC commercial, not interested in FS) offers. Here are some of my observations/concerns. Sorry if this has been brought up before. I am pretty torn at this point and could really use some advice.


1) I didn't like the people I talked to that much. Although most of them were doing FS and I won't be working on FS in the future. Some associates at the superday were still really nice/helpful, and all had great things to say about their jobs. Interviewers (partner, manager, and senior manager) were not as approachable/ a little arrogant.

2) From my understanding, nearly half of the Fortune 500 headquartered in NYC are audited by PwC. Would choosing pwc be a better choice for someone looking to jump to industry later on? I would assume I want to jump to a more recognized company. I know a lot of people just jump to their clients. How much should I care about PwC's market dominance in nyc?

3) On there other hand, PwC has hat three year structure. I know in nyc you have to be a very strong performer to get early promoted or mid-year promotion. How will the three year structure actually affect someone (1) who want to jump after reaching senior (2) someone who wants to jump after reaching manager. If you want to do a lateral jump as an experience associate at PwC, will you be demoted when you jump to industry because you don't have the "senior" title? Similarly, does having the manager title one year late mean you have to stay in public one more year before you can jump to one of those better positions only mangers at big4 can jump to due to their experience in leading?


1) I am interested auditing commercial (tech/entertainment). I know Deloitte doesn’t have strong tech clients. Correct me if I am wrong.

2) People I met were overall nicer.

Thanks everyone! I know it is a long post.