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The Trial Date for PwC’s California Hour and Wage Lawsuit Has Changed (Again)

We're sure you have been anxiously awaiting news on Campbell v PricewaterhouseCoopers and boy are we thrilled to give you some. No, the parties haven't settled. No, the original judge did not resign due to a scandal involving a PwC intern mistress (he retired, actually). And no, Jason Campbell hasn't been wacked mafia-style to make this whole thing go away.

Everyone was back in court on May 6 to compare schedules, which changed the tentative trial date of February 2, 2015 to March 30, 2015. Considering how long this thing has dragged on, what's another two months?

Your schedule of events — should this trial be as entertaining to you as NASCAR is to middle America — is as follows:

  • Disclosure of Rebuttal Expert Witnesses 7/8/14
  • Completion of Expert Witness Discovery 8/15/14
  • Daubert Motions 9/15/14
  • Daubert Oppositions 9/26/14
  • Daubert Replies 10/10/14
  • Daubert Hearing 10/17/14
  • Plaintiffs' Pretrial Statement 11/25/14
  • PwC's Pretrial Statement 12/16/14
  • Motions in Limine 1/8/15
  • MIL Oppositions 1/15/15
  • MIL Replies 1/23/15
  • MIL Hearing 1/29/15
  • Final Pretrial Conference 1/29/15
  • Trial Briefs 3/9/15
  • Trial 3/30/15

Plan accordingly.

If you are sitting there rolling your eyes asking yourself why you should care about this lawsuit, I point you to some of our previous coverage for review. We've known for years that Campbell was let go by PwC in 2006 for what PwC called poor performance when he failed to catch a client's $500,000 error. Funny enough, this actually upset the client even though it was their error but hey, you know how clients are.

While you're hanging out in the Way Back Machine, you'll want to cruise this 2012 piece on the PCAOB breathing down PwC's neck, supervision (or lack thereof) and the contradictory opinion of PwC. It's relevant, I swear.