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Tim Ryan Crunches More Than Just Numbers

A couple hours ago, as I’m putting together today’s newsletter, Adrienne and I got a text from Caleb that said, “Tim Ryan does 1,200 sit-ups in a day? Holy shit.”

I thought, “What the hell is he talking about?”

So, I Googled “Tim Ryan PwC sit-ups,” and sure enough, a March 13 Wall Street Journal article pops up, in which WSJ interviewed the PwC US chairman about the decision he made—even before the shooting death last September of PwC Dallas accountant Botham Jean by an off-duty white police officer—to make race a focus at the firm.

It’s a pretty good interview. But after the portion about race and Jean’s death, the article takes a little bit of a weird turn:

WSJ: You run 26 marathons and are known for having a rigorous fitness regimen. Where do you find the time?

Mr. Ryan: I do 150 push-ups a day, 75 in the morning, 75 at night, and I do 600 sit-ups in the morning and 600 at nighttime. I do short runs, 3 miles, on the weekdays. On the weekend, with my dog and around the kids, I’ll do anywhere between 3 and 10.

WSJ: How does running help you as a leader?

Mr. Ryan: I have a lot of energy, so a day that doesn’t start with a run is a tough day for me. Most leaders are highly driven and working a lot of hours. We all need something like that. If I don’t treat my body right, I’m not going to be the best leader I can be.

Damn, Tim Ryan is a machine! More of a machine than CODE-E is.

Good for you, Tim. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go get a steak burrito at Chipotle for lunch and smoke a cigar.