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PwC Director Lets His Family Know He Probably Won’t See Much of Them on Their Family Beach Vacation (UPDATED)

This is so sad.

via r/accounting

This is almost as bad as the time Moss Adams boasted about how this one guy would be working on dual monitors at the pool all weekend because flexibility.

Update: We received the following this morning, thought we’d share.

Nice try with the hate toward someone and their family. This guy is possibly the most family oriented person I know. If you did anything besides blow smoke up peoples ass with your weak headlines you would know this is his 4th vacation and his work allows him to enjoy being present with his family along with working remotely. Keep pumping fake news for clicks, ass clowns.


Since the comment section is getting visited by PwC shills let’s add some choice Reddit comments that aren’t bought and paid for by the firm:

You mean like people making Anonymous comments on shitty accounting blogs defending this crap? Yeah, probably.

I’m sure this director is a perfectly lovely guy — in fact I know he is — but that isn’t the point, this isn’t an attack on him. STOP NORMALIZING THIS SHIT. Leaving mean comments trying to discredit the prevailing view that this is demented isn’t going to change the fact that people see right through this and are fed up with it, hence why every Big 4 firm is bleeding talent. No amount of insulting me will change that. Cope harder.

5 thoughts on “PwC Director Lets His Family Know He Probably Won’t See Much of Them on Their Family Beach Vacation (UPDATED)

  1. I showed this to my partner (both ex-PwC) and she said “that’s not work life balance you fucking idiot!”. Seems fair.

  2. The way you spin something into something it is not is disgusting. PwC does have an incredible work life balance, no matter how much you want to project the hatred of your own miserable existence and workplace out into the ether for, as the guy at the end said spot on, “for fake news and clicks.” You should be disgusted with yourself Adrienne. Journalism is not your forte.

    1. First of all it’s a shitpost, not journalism. And second, I didn’t just decide to roast this guy for no reason. Reddit went in on him HARD hence it was already spun. If the work life balance is so good then why are you here leaving bootlicking comments instead of out enjoying the lovely summer? The way you guys are getting so bent out of shape over this is hilarious. Thanks for clicking, friend!

    2. It is the type of ass kissing people do when they are getting close to becoming a Partner. Some Partners love it others realize he is a kiss ass and don’t like it.

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