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Transferring to South America Office- Salary Adjustment?


Wondering if anyone has dealt with a similar situation…I am a Staff II in Advisory at EY and have requested a transfer to our Chilean office, for about a year or possibly two. This is something that I've been pursuing for a long time and I'm very excited it's starting to pan out; however, part of the arrangement is that I will be hired on host country payroll, and as the cost of living is almost 50% lower in Chile, I expect my salary will be taking a hit. To complicate things further, I have also been promoted to a senior with an above average rating, and my raise/bonus have not yet been communicated. Has anyone experienced a downward salary adjustment as a result of an international transfer? If so, any advice for the negotiation process, or any other considerations (besides salary) I should be taking into account as I enter into this agreement?

Thanks, I appreciate it!