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This Jilted Recruiting Candidate Has Some Strong Words to Say About RSM Canada

Spotted this on Reddit this morning and … man. In a post on r/recruitinghell this past weekend, this brave soul takes RSM Canada to task. Among the perceived grievances? Well, a total lack of communication seems to be the big one. Let’s dive in.

I’ve had it with you all. You’re all a bunch of pricks who literally have ghosted me more than 15 times. Every single one of you that I’ve emailed and asked to have a small chat with you all ignored me. I’ve talked to multiple of your recruiters and even after partners that I know that have referred me to you, you still ghost me after multiple phone calls and all these fake promises of ” We’ll make sure you get through you’re an amazing candidate” . Piss off, I can’t believe that I have to deal with all this. You don’t even have the common decency to atleast ONCE tell me that I wasn’t a competitive enough candidate , but shit let’s just ghost this guy over and over. I can’t believe that I spent multiple MONTHS emailing you for an update or any help or any follow up or anything else I can do to help my case. I had the partner email me and ask me what’s going on with the job and if I got it yet I told him that I haven’t gotten a reply , and even then you didn’t have the audacity to reply.

TLDR: this company sucks literal horse shit.

Yikes, I’ve been there so I get how frustrating this can be. In fact, I wrote about job search ghosting in 2018, when I was still healing from the fresh wounds of getting out there and looking for work. A digital agency I’d interviewed with in 2015 and again in 2018 ghosted me not once but twice, which in hindsight was really one of those Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me situations because what the hell was wrong with me giving them a second chance after they’d already dicked me around the first time?

It’s offensive pretty much any time a company does this, but to do it now when so many are hanging by a thread thanks to the Rona is a special kind of fucked up. We get it, HR is probably at home drunk by 9 a.m. like everyone else but come on.

Get it together, RSM Canada. Here, I’ll even help you write a response.

Dear Candidate,

You’re trash, get bent.

– RSM Canada

You’re welcome.

2 thoughts on “This Jilted Recruiting Candidate Has Some Strong Words to Say About RSM Canada

  1. I’ve read a number of articles in recent years about HR people being all butthurt that candidates sometimes ghost them. All I could think is that what goes around, comes around. Just like everything else in the business world with respect to employee/employer relations, when the company treats people like crap, the people will eventually return the favor.

    When I started in public accounting, it was taboo for staff to quit the firm right before busy season. But after many years of laying off employees at whatever time was most convenient for the employer, the employees finally had enough of the “don’t quit before busy season” courtesy b.s. Now, no one thinks twice about leaving the firm at whatever time is best for them.

    So, anyway, the underlying issue with ghosting is not new. It’s just the natural response to companies treating people like shit. I deem the OP to have done nothing wrong. The OP played the game the right way, and RSM Canada acted like a bunch of assholes.

  2. – Ghosting sucks.

    – Ghosting happens both ways.

    – If you’re getting ghosted, why double down (or 15x-down)???

    I don’t get this. Why did the redditor get so upset over something not getting emails returned? You’re not a candidate — take the hint and move along. Not taking things so personally will help this person out in life.

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