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Let’s Check Out Deloitte UK’s New ‘Future of Work’ Office

conference table in an empty light-filled office

*pic not of the actual office, those are at the bottom

Deloitte UK has officially announced its new ‘future of work’ office in Edinburgh, Scotland, ‘future of work’ in scare quotes being their choice not ours. The new digs are 16,383 sq ft of space at 9 Haymarket Square, a new, mixed-use development that includes “Grade A offices, a 349 bed 4-star hotel and a mix of eateries all arranged around a public square.” And 433 people in green T-shirts soon, too.

The obligatory press release says the new space was created with the demands of staff in mind:

The new space was designed in response to what Deloitte’s people have asked for, after a Deloitte people survey found that 86% of respondents ranked ‘collaborating with team colleagues’ and ‘interacting with others’ within their top three ways they envisage using the office.

“Watching YouTube in the bathroom” and “staring into an infinite Excel sheet wishing I’d gone to trade school” probably weren’t on the survey.

Douglas Farish, office senior partner for Edinburgh at Deloitte, said: “We listened to our people and incorporated what they wanted into the design of our new Edinburgh office. The way we deliver work for our clients has evolved, so we needed to rethink our office environment based on how, when, and where we want to work to deliver the best for our clients’ needs. We’ve created a very open and welcoming space for our people and clients, and it really is a physical manifestation of our culture – a place for collaboration, connection and innovation.”

As for the features:

With its open and transparent floors, the new space was designed to create opportunities for people to build relationships and work together in an inclusive way. State-of-the-art technology, including 360-degree cameras and adjustable height desks, create an inclusive meeting experience for all, allowing for a seamless connection to those working away from the office, to ensure everyone has an equal voice in meetings.

The new office has also introduced ‘dancing’ walls in the collaboration spaces that double as interactive screens to allow for easy presenting and workshops.

“We’re not mandating a set number of days in the office,” said the senior partner. “Instead, we trust our people to manage their working week between client site, the office and home – and the new technology will enable seamless connection between our people and clients wherever they choose to work. The configuration of the space, and the variety in the style and size of its rooms, allows those using it to be agile and productive, and creates environments that are easily adaptable for multiple use cases and changing business needs.”

“Sustainability and people wellbeing” were also key considerations for the new office, said Deloitte. The interior design used low organic compounds (VOC) to reduce paint fume smells and that gross chemical smell that radiates off new furniture before the body oils and farts get to it. The building boasts more than 100 secure bike parking spaces as well as shower and changing facilities (important for a public accounting office and you all know why).

We would be remiss not to include this juicy quote they grabbed from a new hire who is going to go far in this business:

Kitty Milnes, a graduate in Deloitte’s Risk Advisory practice, commented on what the new office means to her: “I am amazed at this office, it’s so different to how I imagined a professional services office to look. There are loads of collaboration spaces which suits my style of team working, and I can now swap between sitting and standing at the adjustable height desks.

“There are so many textures and I love the sunflower seed eco cupboard doors and chain mail curtains. For those rare Scottish sunny days, there is also a lovely roof terrace, where our in-house beekeeper will be providing meet the bee sessions.

“This really is so much more than an office and I’m excited that my career has started at Deloitte Scotland.”

Deloitte has been busy working on fresh new spaces in the UK. They moved 600 people into a new “eco office” in Bristol and are soon to occupy a bigger space in Manchester that the firm says will help them grow the headcount at that office from 1,050 to 1,800 by 2025.

In 2022 they announced their first ‘future of work’ office, having recycled bits of that press release for this latest one.

The Newcastle office has been designed in response to what Deloitte’s people have asked for.

A Deloitte people survey revealed that 81% of respondents anticipate working from a Deloitte office for up to two days a week. The research also showed that 96% of Deloitte’s people want to have the freedom to choose how flexibly they will work. In addition, 86% of respondents ranked ‘collaborating with team colleagues’ and ‘interacting with others’ within their top three ways they envisage using the office – all of which formed the main design principles.


Pics. Don’t try to click on them, it’s not a slideshow.

pics of Deloitte UK's new office space in Edinburgh

Deloitte opens ‘future of work’ designed office in Edinburgh [Deloitte]