September 22, 2021

angry letters

This Jilted Recruiting Candidate Has Some Strong Words to Say About RSM Canada

Spotted this on Reddit this morning and … man. In a post on r/recruitinghell this past weekend, this brave soul takes RSM Canada to task. Among the perceived grievances? Well, a total lack of communication seems to be the big one. Let’s dive in. I’ve had it with you all. You’re all a bunch of […]

An Open Letter to EY Management

Ed note: An EY employee who wished to remain anonymous asked us to post this letter to EY management regarding the recent layoffs at the firm because “management tends to ignore our questions when we raise them internally.” Here is the letter: Integrity and honesty are the foundations of public accounting. With great trust, the […]

Pennsylvania Auditor General Candidate Manages to Offend Auditors Everywhere

On one hand, I completely get where PICPA President Cheri H. Freeh is coming from in the following letter, considering CPAs have been stereotyped and berated and portrayed poorly in movies and media for far too long. On the other, I think it's taking it a little too personally. Let's catch you up. Frank Pinto […]