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(UPDATE) The Greatest Tax Day Tradition: (Rumored) Free Stuff!

It’s here people. April 15th. It’s great for a lot reasons: A) you (or your grateful significant other) get to say good bye to that nasty-ass beard B) you can get some rest and C) all around, your life ceases sucking (or sucking less). And along with marching against all things taxation (regardless of representation) it has become tradition for giveaways.

Buzz around the Internet for a nanosecond and you’d think the entire universe was being given away.

We already told you about the Blizzardmobile setting up shop in DC but for those of you not in the Nation’s Capital, here’s a quick rundown of some other freebies that me be closer to you:

Starbucks – Bring in a reusable cup and get free coffee.

Dunkin’ Donuts – Although we can’t find anything on their website, DD is known to give you a free donut with a purchase of the best (chain) coffee on Earth.

Subway – Again, rumor has it that Casa de Jared is handing out free cookies today. Nothing on the site, however.

PF Changs – If you didn’t get enough Chinese cuisine during busy season, head over to PFC’s to get 15% off your tab.

McDonalds – Once again, supposedly you can purchase a Big Mac and get a second for $0.01. If you aren’t able to handle two (we don’t recommend one but whatevs), just give it to a homeless person.

Boston Market – Buy one plate and get one free with this coupon.

If you’ve got news of more freebies, or just (rumored giveaways) let us know or discuss.

UPDATE: Looks at least one Subway is balking. From a Salzberg Soldier:

The Subway in Raleigh right outside of Deloitte has advertised buy-one get-one subs on tax day for the last week or so…but when we went in and ordered, they told us they had decided not to do it. They also mentioned that they took down the posters they had in the windows because “they didn’t make sense”. No bargains at Subway today.