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The AICPA Needs Some Help From CPAs to Determine the Passing Score For the 2024 CPA Exam

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While we’re on the topic of the CPA exam, this is your eleventy billionth reminder to sit for BEC before the CPA Evolution disciplines replace it in 2024. If you have passing credit for BEC before 2024 hits then you don’t have to worry about choosing one of the new disciplines assuming you pass the other sections before that credit expires. So get on that.

Back to the reason why we’re here, the AICPA has posted a call to all CPAs to help set passing scores for the 2024 CPA exam.

Participants will be selected to review one of the six Exam sections (Auditing and Attestation (AUD); Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR); Taxation and Regulation (REG); Business Analysis and Reporting (BAR); Information Systems and Controls (ISC); or Tax Compliance and Planning (TCP)) based upon their professional experience. There will be one panel per exam section, and each panel will meet for up to two days. Input from these panel meetings will be provided to the AICPA Board of Examiners (BOE), the ultimate authority charged with establishing passing scores for the exam. Selected participants will convene in December 2023 or early January 2024 at the AICPA’s office in Ewing, New Jersey.

Requirements are as follows (sorry, new passers):

  • Be a licensed CPA with at least two years of experience (including the past 12 months) supervising the work of newly licensed CPAs. A newly licensed CPA is an individual who has fulfilled the applicable jurisdictions educational and experience requirements and has the knowledge and skills typically possessed by a person with one to two years of experience.
  • NOT be affiliated with CPA Exam preparation and review programs.

You can nominate yourself or someone else here, any questions about the program should be directed to this special AICPA inbox. Candidates, please do not blow that inbox up with your CPA exam gripes.