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EY Employees Are Building a Better Working World One Colored Pencil At a Time

EY employees have had to endure a lot of crap in the past six months, most notably seeing many of their colleagues and friends lose their jobs and being told by management they have an “entitlement mentality” when it comes to vacation and then having unlimited PTO shoved down their throats.

But as a reward for sticking with the Black and Yellow through thick and thin, EYers have recently received care packages from their beloved management. The first “Reset” care package to EYers included, among other things, a blanket and the New York Times bestseller Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth.

The most recent “Recharge” care package consisted of … a coloring book and colored pencils:

Seniors: We need more staff to help out. EY: You guys want a coloring book? Seniors: No we asked for more help. EY: Sure, and we will even give you colored pencils.
byu/Stock_Dividend inAccounting

Many of the comments in this Reddit post are pretty funny, as is this satirical list a now-former EY client technology staffer (yes, he or she still got one) wrote in his or her coloring book:

We were told the box with the coloring book and colored pencils also came with some type of glasses, which according to our tipster looks very similar to the glasses worn by a certain EY Global Client Technology executive director who is not well-liked right now by many of his former employees.

So what’s going to be included in EY’s next care package for employees? Waffle and/or pancake mix? An EY logo Chia Pet?

Feel free to speculate in the comments section.

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3 thoughts on “EY Employees Are Building a Better Working World One Colored Pencil At a Time

  1. Unfortunately, that blanket did not help me much in the Texas Energy Crisis. Neither did the newsletter about “what do do after a fire” that went out to help those in need during the energy crisis.

  2. As a POC, I am exhausted by Kelly Grier’s “great white savior” complex. We don’t need her to save us. We are strong, capable, and sufficient for our needs. Our community will sustain us, as it always has. As a multi-millionaire who enjoys her fluff pieces in business magazines, Kelly’s “savior” BS is offensive. Her non-stop missives are about her, not about the BIPOC members of EY.

  3. The illustrations in the coloring book looks like the work of Johanna Basford. Did they commission her to create the EY coloring book, or otherwise got permission from either her or her publisher to reproduce (or have someone copy) her drawings?

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