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Angry CPA Exam Candidates Blew Up Barry Melancon’s Email All Weekend, Here’s Why

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Scrolling Reddit this weekend I noticed several posts from r/CPA littered throughout my feed among the food porn, cats, and reality TV gossip, something about some score release debacle with strong hints of outrage. What the hell happened? Whatever it was, they were pissed.

Oh my.

Apparently up until this weekend the official AICPA score release website said that if your scores were received by October 1 your target score release date would be October 11 which means a bunch of people scheduled exams for Saturday the 1st thinking they’d make the cutoff for the release on the 11th. And then in the dead of night (I’m being dramatic, it probably wasn’t really in the dead of night) the AICPA up and changed the date for no discernible reason. Presumably because they are hollow, scornful souls whose only joy comes from messing with the future CPAs of America.

I’m not entirely sure why someone plugged the score release page into the Wayback Machine on September 18 but they did and it clearly says the cutoff is (was) October 1.

a screenshot of the AICPA CPA exam score release date page from September 18, 2022

At some point over the weekend the October 11 score release disappeared completely which led to even more freaking out. I feel bad for whichever AICPA IT person was on call for this.

Not to mention this was all happening as a Category 4 hurricane was pounding the southeast.

From what I can gather, the AICPA told candidates that the original date of October 1 was an error per discussion in this thread and it was always supposed to be September 30. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

Lawsuit anyone?

With CPA candidate numbers down hopefully this didn’t lead to too many emails in ole Barry’s inbox.

NGL “I hope Barry Melancon’s C suite AC/Heater is broken until November 8th” made me laugh.

Anyhoo, now you’re caught up. If you are an affected candidate you are welcome to email us with all the expletives you need to share your story. We’ll keep you posted if any of these poor people get their scores on October 11 like they were expecting to.

2 thoughts on “Angry CPA Exam Candidates Blew Up Barry Melancon’s Email All Weekend, Here’s Why

  1. I passed my last exam just in May. If this happened to me during that test window, I would not have gotten my scores back in time and had to retake my first exam!

    I haven’t even seen a mention of it on another site. Thanks for bringing attention to this. I am mad on their behalf, this is unacceptable.

    AICPA: “No one wants to CPA :(”

    Also AICPA: *Jerks around candidates*

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