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Teamsters Get Dynamic With a Giant Rat at Grant Thornton’s Downtown NYC Office

It appears Teamsters are upset with Grant Thornton over GT's choice of moving company, and they brought their giant inflatable rat with them to go protest the office.

Here is the warning from office MP Frank Kurre:


As you may be aware, there is currently a protest taking place by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters outside of our downtown office. Corporate Relocation Systems Inc., affiliated with Union Local 1212, was awarded to perform the firm’s moving and storage work for the upcoming New York-area projects.

The building management and moving company are aware and are handling as appropriate. While I know it’s a bit disconcerting, situations like this are not unique and arise from time to time. As long as the protesters stay on public property, we are limited in how we can address this. Grant Thornton uses the best and most qualified suppliers available at the most cost-effective and competitive price. In the meantime, just to be cautious, please do not engage with or approach the protesters. 

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

Our tipster, who does not work at that particular office, explains what's going on:

As long as they don't bring bedbugs with them (ala busy season 2012) it should all be peachy.

[Teamsters] are protesting the moving company because they are affiliated with union Local 1212 which allegedly does not pay their workers the prevailing wages for the area. According to the NYC Comptrollers office, The International Brotherhood of Teamsters ("Local 814") collective bargaining agreement determines the prevailing wage. As a result, Local 814 will place a large inflatable rat in front of any building where a Local 1212 company is working.

We reached out to IBT Local 814 and Office Adminstrator Angie Retamar confirmed yes they are out there, and yes the rat is there too, and yes it's about wages.

At this time, we do not have a photo (*hinthint*) but if you are in the vicinity of Grant Thornton's downtown NYC office at 60 Broad St, you probably won't miss it. If someone could kindly grab us a picture, beverage of your choice is on me when I am in NYC mid August.

*stock photo, not actual rat