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Tax to Analyst – Public to University

Hi there – looking for some advice for a phone interview with a university. I have about 8 years of tax experience in public accounting, 4 of which come from Big 4 and the other 4 from a local firm. My current title is Tax Supervisor which is essentially a young manager for all you Big 4 folk. I manage 2 people. Not looking forward to another busy season so I’ve secured a phone interview for next week after the deadline in the law department of a university for a senior financial analyst position. In my current role, I am an advisor to clients and do a lot of consulting and analysis, albeit from a tax standpoint but I understand business. I have experience with exempt orgs (at work and also outside of work as a board member) but am nervous about selling myself and bridging the gap between my tax analysis experience with financial analysis experience. I do believe my skills are transferable with a learning curve. Since the role is for a senior and not a manager, I think that helps…but any thoughts or guidance on how to make myself look better?