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How do you handle your CPE?

My firm is telling me to look up stuff for this year's CPE. Since we have a firm policy of doing at least 40 CPE hours a year (I'm not yet licensed as a CPA), I need to look at stuff to fulfill that requirement.

Being from Anchorage, I have some traveling to do but I realized something during my searching so far. Most CPEs are now done online, which is so convienence for the firm and cheaper too. 

A few years ago, as my coworkers have told me, they wento to Seatlle for Staff Audit training. That specific class doesn't exist anymore (from what I can tell) and 100% of what I see on WA Society of CPAs page for CPE can be watched online. Neat. 

But. I. Need. To. Get. Out. Of. Here.

Stupid technology, now I can't travel to San Francisco and hit up girls and some alcohol after my classes. Damn you.

What say you, how y'all handle your CPEs?