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Tax Accounting specialization/career path

Hello everyone,

I have two questions in which I would greatly appreciate any feedback or recommendations.

My first question is regarding a specialization in tax accounting. Based on my personality and interests, I have determined that a career in tax accounting would be better off for me than audit. Even though I am about to start my senior year of Undergraduate, I have done some research into tax accounting positions. I am currently located in Miami, FL and for some reason there does seem to be a greater availability for international tax positions than any other position, including audit. Basically all of the Big Four have multiple positions for manager/senior in international tax (Deloitte has three). Regional firms also have several positions and I believe I even saw a position for a Tax Partner in a local firm. Is international tax the real deal or is for some odd reason Miami the capital of multinational business? Is there good demand for international tax accountants outside Miami? I am mainly looking to specialize in area where there is job security and I would have a job for the next 40-50 years; not be a millionaire before 35. For me, job security > salary. I actually have a Bachelor in Economics with a strong background in math. I took several semesters in statistics and calculus so if there is any part of tax accounting or accounting in general that I could use these skills, feel free to suggest.

My second question is about a career path on tax accounting, especially in public accounting. I have heard countless horror stories about the Big Four but is it worth it to stick around for a few years? Luckily for me, I have managed my personal finances quite well and my parents have been very supportive and thus I can be very flexible when accomplishing my goals. I have made a commitment to pass all parts of the CPA exam and earn an Executive Master of Science in Taxation (EMST) before applying for any job. For me, time and money is not a big issue so I can pretty much afford to be a full-time student for a couple of years. After I get my EMST and CPA, do I go for associate in Big Four and climb the ladder like everyone else for the next 20-25 years or should I join a local firm in which I can be a partner within a more reasonable time frame and better hours?