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Grades so Far In Accounting, Do I still have a chance?

Hi guys,


Here are my grades so far in Accounting :

Financial 1 : B

FInancial 2 : C

Accounting Info Systems : B+

Tax : C

Overall GPA : 3.2

Cost : Will take again next semester, had to drop because of a family sickness, and also I will admit it was difficult, but I am finishing the whole book and doing all the practice problems this winter break.


I have had interviews with KPMG, Deloitte, Marcum, Baker Tilly but unfortunately have not had a call back even though I think the interviews went good, but I do mock interviews a lot and am involved on campus. I still have 3 accounting classes left including cost and best case scenario can raise my accounting gpa to a 3.2 but worst case let's say it stays at 2.5-2.9 but I start a master's program (already applied and have been accepted contingent on passing cost and the 2 others) and I show improvement in Master's meaning 3.0+ will I still have a chance for a Big 4/midsized?

Also will passing the CPA (no easy task I know but I commute 2.5 hrs each way and study 10 hrs a day) help my case with a low major gpa


Thanks 🙂