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The “In a JIT” Guy As “The Most Interesting Accountant In the World”

Either James Huang really is the most interesting accountant in the world or he just doesn't have enough billable hours but either way, we all win when he makes a video. We first met him in 2011 and we've sort of been obsessed since because let's face it, good accounting videos are hard to come by.

Perhaps Mr. Huang was encouraged to put out a new video featuring EY's (slightly unfortunate) latest rebranding or maybe he just wanted to squeeze the last relevancy out of the Dos Equis guy meme but whatever inspired him to do this, let's all just be grateful he did.

Offer still stands, Jimmy, if you ever want to make some videos for us. We'll provide a Flip cam and an old, outdated copy of iMovie. Oh and plenty of cat extras if you need them. Just think about it.

Folks, allow us to present "Most Interesting Accountant in the World (Spoof)":


Keep 'em coming, sir.