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September 28, 2023

It’s Monday, Here Are the Memes You Deserve to Start Your Week

Our memes folder is getting a little fat so we figured we should stop hoarding and start sharing. Here are just a few things we spotted around the internets last week that we thought might be relevant to your interests. Enjoy.


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That’s all we’ve got. It’s Monday, after all, wouldn’t want to overdo it. Have a great week out there, everyone.

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  1. A repository for shitty memes. Come on GC, you’re better than that (although lately, based on current content, seems like you’re not….)

      1. Doesn’t change the fact that its a true criticism. You’re trying to attract the younger reddit crowd and its silly. And 13 years you’ve been hearing this? How about listen to your user base and fix it? Doesn’t surprise me that I come here less and less.

        1. So what specifically would you like to see? Because you’ve offered criticism but no hint of a solution other than saying we shouldn’t post memes. The numbers we see on the backend don’t reflect your personal opinion but hey, I’m certainly open to hearing it.

          And yes, we’ve been hearing it for 13 years because no matter what we cover there will always be people who complain about it. That has very little to do with us and everything to do with the fact that you can’t please everyone all the time. Sure, we’ve posted some dumb shit over the years. That’s kinda the point. People don’t come here to read about lease accounting and practice management for midsize firms. It’s shitposting all the way down, my friend.

    1. While I happen to agree with at least one thing about you, your name. Most of the “content” you’re probably referring to here that you enjoy, is a result of internal communication leaks. So go ahead and start leaking some emails to GC if it’s so important.

      1. Gossip from Fishbowl doesn’t qualify as “internal communication leaks”. Nor does shitty memes.

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