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Young Buck Not Satisfied with Keeping Personal Possessions, Suing IRS

If you’re like us, you were crushed by the news of the IRS canceling the auction of Young Buck’s treasures. Whether it was the ‘marijuana leaf picture‘ or the Titans Fridge, the auction really had a lot to offer and it’s a shame – a damn shame – that Mr. Buck’s attorney put a stop to it.

But having your home raided by IRS Agents wielding shotguns (our vision) is enough to get the most passive citizen upset. So if you’re Young Buck, simply getting to keep your material possessions won’t suffice:

Officials said Young Buck is suing the IRS over the raid, saying the government’s response to his tax problems has hurt his ability to make money and pay off his debts.

Got it? The IRS kicked down the doors, made off with all the man’s goods and now his records won’t sell. It has nothing to do with his music sucking.

More Stuff on the Young Buck Auction Block: Titans Fridge, Louis Vuitton Gun Holster, Ms. Pac Man

Yesterday we listed out some of the fine items up for bid at the IRS’s Young Buck auction. The auction is slated to go down on October 28th at 10 am Tennessee time.

The complete inventory (after the jump) runs four pagesve more interesting items for your consideration:

Titans Refrigerated soda machine – Chris Johnson finally turned it on last week, didn’t he?

Tattoo Kit – whenever the moment strikes you.

Louis Vuitton gun holster – Pictured.

Craps gaming table – Because reenacting the scene from A Bronx Tale is just embarassing.

Ms. Pac Man video game – History lesson for the kids

If you’re looking to bid and aren’t in the Antioch, TN area here’s the mail-in form but no plastic, you’ve got to come with cash, certified or cashier’s check, etc. Good luck and good bidding.

Young Buck Inventory

And just in case you need some visuals, a few items from the Treasury’s website follow.

Keeps perfect time!

Who’s got a birthday on June 15th?

For those looking to spruce things up around the house.

Items Up for Bid at the IRS’s Young Buck Auction: ‘Marijuana Leaf Picture,’ Royal Copenhagen White Bear Figures, Three-foot Santa Claus

[caption id="attachment_19427" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Could be yours"][/caption]

Plus the Scarface poster, natch. The good news is that lots of this stuff is probably affordable. Not like some auctions.

From the Tennessean:

Several gold and platinum records for his own work and collaborations with 50 Cent – Yawn.

Several pieces of fine art – Fine art according to whom? The IRS or the reporter? OR Young Buck?

Multiple LCD and plasma televisionsShock.

Designer watches and an assortment of faux-fur coats – Again, floored.

Pictures of Al Pacino and rapper Tupac – Lover of legends, obviously

A “marijuana leaf picture” – Bid increments are 25¢.

Three Royal Copenhagen white bear figurinesThese? Really, Young Buck?

A 3-foot white and silver Santa Claus decoration – Never too early to start the Christmas shopping!

IRS to auction off rapper Young Buck’s property on Oct. 28 [Tennessean]

Winner of Dallas Cowboys Tickets Wasn’t Too Worried About Peasant Fans Showing Up to IRS Auction

The big winner in this morning’s auction of some primo seats at Texas Stadium went to Hank Wendorf of Dallas-based

There was only one other registered bidder at the IRS auction and the total damage ended up being $311,000 which was in Wendorf’s range and he’s pretty flippin’ stoked, “These seat options are not available from the Cowboys. I think it’s a great opportunity for me to add to my inventory,” he told the Dallas Morning News and saying, “In my opinion, these are the best seats in the stadium.”

The package includes seasons tickets for this year plus options to buy the same seats – located behind the Cowboys bench near the 50 yard-line – for the next 30 years, hence, you’ll never get them.

Since the starting bid was around $180k, Wendorf wasn’t too concerned about too much competition showing up to today’s auction but at least he wasn’t smug about it, “If fans want to judge the seat quality for themselves, ‘they can buy tickets from me,’ he said with a laugh before heading off to sign lengthy legal documents.”

Prime Dallas Cowboys seats go to ticket broker for $241,000 in IRS auction [Dallas Morning News]