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Items Up for Bid at the IRS’s Young Buck Auction: ‘Marijuana Leaf Picture,’ Royal Copenhagen White Bear Figures, Three-foot Santa Claus

Plus the Scarface poster, natch.

The good news is that lots of this stuff is probably affordable. Not like some auctions.

From the Tennessean
Several gold and platinum records for his own work and collaborations with 50 Cent – Yawn.
Several pieces of fine art – Fine art according to whom? The IRS or the reporter? OR Young Buck?
Multiple LCD and plasma televisionsShock.
Designer watches and an assortment of faux-fur coats – Again, floored.
Pictures of Al Pacino and rapper Tupac – Lover of legends, obviously
A “marijuana leaf picture” – Bid increments are 25¢.
Three Royal Copenhagen white bear figurinesThese? Really, Young Buck?
A 3-foot white and silver Santa Claus decoration – Never too early to start the Christmas shopping!

IRS to auction off rapper Young Buck's property on Oct. 28 [Tennessean]