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October 2, 2023

grunt work

empty open office

Seniors and Up Are Hard to Find Because Associate Grunt Work Has Been Automated?

Yet another article about the accountant shortage has been published and we’ll spare you the bit about mass boomer retirements, declining accounting enrollments, and scary AICPA figures because it gets repeated in every single one of these articles. So why mention it at all? Because at the very bottom they get the expert opinion of […]

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KPMG Is Putting ChatGPT to Work, It Probably Won’t Be Stealing Your Job For Now

KPMG Australia has joined PwC in deploying AI to get some work done, finally giving us the “robots taking your job” scenario we’ve been eager for since at least 2010. It’s here! Funny enough, KPMG blocked staff from using ChatGPT a little less than two months ago, though it did allow certain IT professionals to […]

Millennials Don’t Like Grunt Work, Says Millennial Grunt

How much time and effort does TPTB waste surveying Millennials to find this shit out? Like the PwC NextGen study, which surveyed 40,000 Millennials and non-Millennials just to glean this insight into those scary, misunderstood kids in the workforce: Millennials aren’t keen on grunt work. We won’t pretend that this is the first time in history […]

Should Big 4 Interns Be Hazed?

This is our second intern-themed post this week, which gets me thinking that some of you are neck-deep in coffee jockeys. This can be a trying time for those of you that are A) impatient B) dicks C) control freaks D) all of the above. As such, the following has probably crossed your mind at […]