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graphic design

This Off-Kilter Accounting Firm Just Launched a New Website Begging to Be Judged

Everyone having an OK Monday so far? No? Too bad. Blumer CPAs is having a good Monday, as they recently dropped this bad boy on the Internet: TAKE THAT, trustworthy autumnly color schemes! True to form, the new Blumer CPAs site is — like the whole Blumer philosophy — not your grandpa's accounting firm. Naturally, […]

What Accounting Firm Logos Say About Those Firms

I was screwing around on Pinterest earlier today because it's a slow Friday (and a half Friday at that, at least for us, so barring some huge accounting scandal at 4:01 PM, find me at the bar later this afternoon) and got really enraged by PwC littering up my screen with their obnoxious graphics. Exhibit […]