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This Deloitte Employee Doesn’t Want to Hear About How Much Your Landlord Sucks

I'm sure we've all dealt with our fair share of terrible landlords — mine, for example, don't even salt our sidewalk in winter and seem determined to put the loudest, most obnoxious idiots possible in the unit next to me — but this Deloitte consultant pretty much wins in the worst landlord department.

What would you do if you came home to find all your stuff gone? Not just the stuff that matters (big screen TV, PlayStation, cats…), but everything except for the TV and the PS3.

That is exactly what happened to this poor guy:

An Upper East Side resident came home to find his apartment cleaned out of everything but a TV and a PS3 video game system after a bumbling rubbish removal service carelessly hauled the contents of his unit 2D — instead of their assigned work order of 2B — to the city dump last October, according to a new lawsuit.

“Everything else was gone. My bed, everything,” 27-year-old Deloitte consultant Nilay Shroff told The Post Tuesday.

“I thought I’d been robbed. I just called 911,” Shroff said of his shock upon returning to his rent-stabilized East 74th Street pad.

Apparently, it was all just an honest mistake made by some old guy who failed to realize D and B are different things:

“The next day, the landlord says, ‘We made a mistake,’ and that’s how I found out,” Shroff recalled.

“They were like, ‘Oh, it’s some 80-year-old contractor, he might be a little senile,’ that’s what the landlord was saying. For me, it’s like, ‘I don’t give a damn. It’s still your fault.’

“I mean, there’s dirty dishes in the sink. There’s a wet towel. Clearly someone’s living there,” Shroff fumed.

Shroff, a huge sports fan, not only lost his personal documents and photos of his mom who died when he was 13 but a collection of awesome baseball stuff he'd been putting together for years. He estimates the value of all his trashed stuff at $40k and is suing the management company, the landlord, and the contractor.

Our heart goes out to you, dude. We don't have any cool bobbleheads to offer you but my extensive collection of Christian Laettner cards is all yours.