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Switching full time offer after inteernship to another city, same big 4 firm

Hi GC community,

 Currently I have a summer 2015 internship offer with a Big 4 (3 letters "hint") tax in a mid market. After the internship, I would like to move to a larger market  (in the Southeast- the biggest market in the Southeast "hint") for bigger clientele and a better overall vast tax experience. I understand that I may be in fed tax first, or another specialty group. I believe the clients would be better in that bigger city and I will gain more exposure to different things within taxation. Also, personally I have many friends going there to start their career at other Big 4's and  enjoy everytime I visit the city, the nightlife, the lifestyle I want to live is more accepting ("hint")… I want it all!

One friend who interviewed recently in that city was told by a Big 4 Seior Manager- "When you start your career, would you rather start at a large corporation or a small corporation- THINK BIG". Also in a recent interview I had in same city a manager said to leave my state becuase it's all mid market and I wouldn't get the best experience (my mid market state is directly below the biggest market state "hint"- I love the beaches!)

What should I do? How do I tell (assuming I get a full time offer) the recruiters I want to move my offer to another city?  Is it a possibilty with that firm? Will it be a welcoming or unfriendly move on my part? Please help.