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Accounting News Roundup: Old Guy Buys Batteries; Comptroller v. Wynne; Career Moves After 50 | 11.13.14

Jean-Claude Juncker Breaks Silence Over Luxembourg Tax Issues [NYT]
He takes the meta approach: "On Wednesday, Mr. Juncker accepted that he was 'politically responsible for what happened in each and every corner and quarter of that country' when he was running Luxembourg. But Mr. Juncker also said, apparently referring to the tax system in his home country, that he was 'not the architect of what you could call the Luxembourgish model, because this Luxembourgish model doesn’t exist in a full-fledged way.' "

Buffett’s Berkshire to Buy Duracell From Procter & Gamble [DealBook]
Strange. Seinfeld taught us that old people just steal batteries.

Supreme Court's Chance to Cut Taxes [Bloomberg View]
Keep an eye on Comptroller v. Wynne, tax nerds. 

How to Reinvent Yourself After 50 [HBR]
Forward on to a partner you love: "Reinvention after 50 is more than possible; it’s critical to keeping your skills fresh and your work fulfilling. Between staying current with social media, owning your history, reconnecting with old contacts, and shaking up the ossified view that current colleagues may have of you, you’ll soon be ready for the next chapter in your professional life."

Police: Accountant took $334,000 from Columbus business [PDR]
This is NOT how to reinvent yourself after 50: "A Beaver Dam woman faces multiple felony charges that she took more than $334,000 over a period of five years from a Columbus-area truck stop where she worked as an accountant."
Report: Millennials hope for student loan forgiveness [WTOP]
I don't think Millennials are the only age group hoping for loan forgiveness of some kind.
Twitter's New "Strategy Statement" is a Trash Heap of Jargon [ValleyWag]
Maybe Peter Thiel was right.
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