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Summer Tax Intern Already Changing Mind About Career Choices

This came in over the weekend:
Hi, I'm going to be interning in Tax this summer at one of the Big 4 in Boston. I've realized that I would rather work in an Financial Services Advisory or Consulting position when I go full-time. My worry is that I'll be given a full-time offer in Tax at the end of the internship and won't be given enough time to apply to other firms.
Typically, are interns asked to accept a full-time job offer before the summer internship program is over, or is there time to decide after the internship ends? Also, from your experiences, is it relatively common for Big 4 interns to be able to apply for full-time positions in departments other than their internship department?
My favorite part is, "My worry is that I'll be given a full-time offer." Some people would kill for that worry.