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Will my Big 4 Internship offer be rescinded?

I was recently offered an internship for a Big 4 for Summer 2018. At the time of my offer, I had a 3.8 GPA. However, my transcript recently updated with an F in a programming course that I took last semester  due to allegations of plagiarism on the final project (worked together with a classmate on two paragraphs of  code.) Now, my GPA has dropped to a 3.56. I know my overall GPA is still high, but I am worried that an F in a 2 unit class (as opposed to a normal 4 unit class) will affect my offer when I am asked to send in my updated transcript before my internship begins.

Does anyone know if they check individual class grades, or will they just look at the overall GPA? Has this happened to anyone else? I have two semesters to get my GPA back on track, but I’m just worried about that one specific class since it was an F, not a C or D like others.

Freaking out right now, so any help would be great!