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Staffing Changes at Going Concern (or Why Accounting Media Journalists Should Be Required to Take Ethics CPE)

Hold on to your butts. Last week, Going Concern was in the (presumably) capable hands of Adrienne Gonzalez while Caleb Newquist, the site's editor, was "in Virginia" on some kind of "school tour," whatever the hell that might be. Turns out Caleb/Colin was not in Virginia on a school tour. He was in Denver being investigated by the IRS and didn't think he'd have the time to populate Going Concern with mostly plagiarized drivel from real accounting media sites. It get'sgets better. Whatever he's being investigated for — I'm rooting for identity theft tax fraud — in the process, he implicated Adrienne. As a result, Sift Media, the parent company of Going Concern, has put them both on "emergency leave" while they straighten their shit out. Pretty sure that means they got fired while they straighten their shit out. 

In the meantime, Going Concern has some shit of it'sits own to straighten out. Namely, what we're going to do now that our two main contributors have been put on emergency leave/shitcanned. Since I have a real job, for the next two weeks I'm going to continue getting my butt kicked by our inconveniently shortened tax season. So besides my normal weekly post, I'll be putting together the "Accounting News Roundup" and "Footnotes" features. In order to keep things going, we called up Bob Loblaw from the farm team. The majority of the site's content will be from him until we can figure out a long-term plan for the future. Please play nice with the new kid.