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Footnotes: Ed Koch’s Lousy Estate Planning; Amazon and Overstock Lose; Taxing Strippers| 03.29.13

Is This a Good Time to Reform the Mortgage Interest Deduction? [TaxVox/TPC]

Big Companies, Low Taxes [HuffPoLive]

Groupon Revisited: New Mission, New Reporting Issues [GOA]

Ed Koch: 'How'm I doing?' Lousy as an Estate Planner [TaxProf] and Lose New York Tax Law Challenge [AT]

Manhattan accountant pleads guilty to embezzlement [AP]

Bored Politicians Taxing Strippers Some politicians are morally opposed to women taking their clothes off for money and parading around in front of leering, often married, businessman. Some politicians are morally opposed to men taking off their clothes and parading around in front of leering, often married, businessmen. Then there are politicians who view strip clubs as some kind of sexist concentration camp where women are treated as chattel. There are others who are desperately looking for revenue for schools or roads or other good clean wholesome public services. They have a hard time convincing people to increase real taxes on income, sales, or property. So taxing strippers will have to do. But I think the fire and brimstone legislators, the feminists, and the money grabbers are all in the minority. I think politicians who tackle tough issues like the taxation of strip clubs are bored. [Tax Analysts]

Mitt Romney Thinks His Grandkids’ Names Are Ridiculous [DI]
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