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Accounting News Roundup | 04.01.13

Hey guys. Bob Loblaw here. Sorry this is a bit late but I guess I'm helping out until Going Concern gets its shit under control. For whatever reason, Greg thinks he's busier than me, but whatever. I figure it's good chance for me to work on my writing skills and maybe my accounting staff will actually learn something since I won't have time to answer all their stupid questions. The bright side for you is that you may actually learn something on this website for a change. It'll be fun.

Stern to secede from NYU, professors unite accounting prowess [WSN]
“Originally, it was just going to be a vote of no confidence for NYU President John Sexton,” said Stern board member Chase Sachs. “But then right as we were about to vote, I just went right out and said, ‘Ok, is there anyone here who actually wants to do this?’ I heard groans from the board. Then I said, ‘Let’s not waste anyone’s time then, who wants to secede?’ and everyone cheered.” The secession is effective immediately. Stern professors are encouraging students to turn their accounting skills into powerful weapons for the separation from NYU.

McGladrey, RSM urged to cut ties with Iranian accounting firm [MSPBJ]
Accounting firm McGladrey and global network RSM International are under pressure from a group that has successfully urged major companies to cut ties with Iranian partners.
Washington, D.C.-based United Against Nuclear Iran asked RSM International CEO Jean Stephens and McGladrey CEO Joe Adams to sever their business relationship with Dayarayan Auditing & Financial Services Firm in Tehran.
Lights! Camera! Taxes! The IRS's Star Turn [Bloomberg]
Depicting government employees as idiots is fine by me.
In Herbalife Fight, Both Sides Prevail [WSJ]
Did you guys see Ackman and Ichan on CNBC? That was awesome. 
To (All) the Colleges That Rejected Me [WSJ]
This gal will make a great associate at a Big 4 firm some day.
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