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Sport a Bow-Tie for Big 4 Pre-Interview Event?

Quick question. I recieved an on-campus interivew for a Big 4 fulltime position and I have been invited to a pre-interview social at an area bar. The social starts at 5PM but does not specify dress code. All other pre-interview socials have suggested "business casual" but they have all been smaller regional/national firms. 

Two part question:

1) Can I assume this will be business casual? My MAcc classmates have already made this assumption. Don't think anyone is wearing a tie or suit.  

2) If it is business casual, can I wear a bow tie? 

Things to keep in mind. 

1) I'm located in the south. 
2) I look real good in a bow tie
3) The bow-er has always been a big attention grabber and a springboard for conversation. For some reason, people love talking to me when I rock the bow-ers. 

Any advice, criticism, or harsh truths are welcome!