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Accounting News Roundup: Nominate Your Top Public Accountant; Newly Merged Connecticut Misses Chance for Great Name; Weird Ideas to Curb Worrying | 01.14.15

Nominations Open for Top 10 Public Accounting Professionals [AT]
FYI: "A group calling itself the National Academy of Public Accounting Professionals is now accepting nominations for the 2015 "Top 10 Public Accounting Professionals" awards in each state. […]  The accountants who make the NAPAP 'Top 10' list are supposed to demonstrate an extensive amount of knowledge, skill, experience and success in the field of accounting." 

Connecticut Accounting Firms Merge [CPAPA]
Cohen, Burger, Schwartz & Sax got with Beers, Hamerman & Co. to form Beers, Hamerman, Cohen & Burger P.C. Frankly, I'm disappointed they didn't simply go with "Burger & Beers."

Bid to Lower Corporate Tax Rate Stirs Backlash From Business [Bloomberg]
They don't want anyone takeing their tax breaks away.

Malloy Joins Deloitte In Opening New Headquarters In Stamford [SDV]
If I was a politician, I'd never pass up a chance to wield some huge scissors.

7 Surprising Things That Can Help You Stop Worrying [FC]
This busy season, keep chocolate and grapefruits in steady supply: "Breathing in certain aromas can help reduce stress. In a study at James Cancer Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, researchers tested the effect of pleasant-smelling essential oils by diffusing them in the central nurses station. Oncology nurses, who frequently suffer from work-related stress, compassion fatigue, and burnout, reported significant improvements in tension, worry, and demands over the course of the study. One of the essential oils tested was grapefruit, which is refreshing and revitalizing, and helped boost the body’s feelings of energy and happiness."

Chipotle: No pork at a third of restaurants [AP]
They discovered that one of their suppliers had violated standards through, you guessed it, a routine audit.