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Non-traditional public new-hire advice

I'm wondering how I can ever get noticed when switching from corporate to public accounting.


I'm 33, graduated in 2008 with general business degree. Worked in corporate accounting for the past seven years. Made it to $60K level. I'll have my CPA by end of the year.

I've always wanted to be in public accounting. The horror stories I hear from those in it actually excite me! However, life got in the way back in college and I had to take a consolation-prize-degree. I'm thinking that by getting my CPA this year I'll finally be in a position to jump over into the position of my dreams. However, I just don't seem to know how to get firms to even look at my resume. I finished my hours at a community college, which attracts zero accounting firms as they only issue assoc. degrees. I have no public experience, so I can't go in as an experienced hire. My age makes me not a new grad and out of the usual pool for the B4 and larger firms (which, of course, is where I want to be, though at this point I'll settle for anything!). So, with the usual doors slammed shut, how am I supposed to get an interview? I'm sure I can land a job once they know me, but I'm not sure where to even begin.

PS – I know my bosses will be younger than I am and I don't care. Pleaes just respond with legit advice on steps to take to get an interview.