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Some of You Should Take Fashion Advice From This Deloitte Consultant

We cover fashion from time to time here on Going Concern primarily because so many of you are in desperate need of help in that department. Look, I know it's hard to pick out clothes when you don't live with mom anymore (or she has finally refused to do it) but like we've said before, how you dress for work is a demonstration of self-respect to yourself and your peers. If you look good, people will say nice things to you, and then you feel good. It's pretty simple.

Last time we discussed this topic, I explained why accountants are such shabby dressers. This time around we've found an excellent capital market servant for you to emulate. Her name is Elaine Laio Avin and she is a management consultant at Deloitte. She was featured in the Shop Around blog at the Washingtonian, so obviously the woman knows her how to look good. No, she's not technically an accountant so she already has a leg up on most of you; and yes, she is a woman, so the gents will probably dismiss this out of hand (which is too bad, they need the most help) but if you don't know where to start, you could do a lot worse. We'll share a couple of Elaine's tips so that we don't overwhelm you.

Elaine, like all of you, has to work long days. Since slobbing around in your sweats when you've got a 12-hour day ahead of you isn't an option, then you should at least wear something that you enjoy wearing, right?

I try to save the more fun outfits for when I have a 12-plus-hour day, so I can savor what I’m wearing. This is great for a day I’m going straight from work at my client site to a client or team dinner out on the town.

Seems like good advice. Observe:

And for those days when you'll be spending lots of time interacting with clients that need to take you seriously, it's best to come off as convincing:

This is my “steering committee” look. In other words, it’s something I would wear on days with the most client meetings scheduled. It’s a nice balance between professional and fashionable, and it makes an impression.

Try to disagree with this woman:

She also has some ideas for both travel and casual Fridays (if you aren't too cheap to cough up the $5), so go check out the post at the Washingtonian for more. 

All the photographs by Kate Warren.

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