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How Prometric Nearly Gave One CPA Exam Candidate a Heart Attack For Nothing

This story comes by way of a manager who has been helping staff not freak out over taking the CPA exam:

So this candidate had trouble closing out of her exam at the end.  She had to hit the exit button three times.  Then it seemed to go through but she didn’t get the survey at the end.

When she walked out, the female Prometric employee was rude- accused her off forfeiting her exam.  I have never even seen a “forfeit” button- nor heard of this, have you? – but I heard the GRE has the option to forfeit.

Fast-forward to today, the window is closed and they are giving her the *total* runaround.  She has talked to six people so far, spent hours on the phone, all to learn that she needs to send an email and detail the problem.

Here's how it went down:

The candidate claims that she finished a little under the 3 hour mark (BEC) and was ready to get the hell out of there. When she went to submit her exam, she got a warning prompt that any unanswered questions would not be graded. It asked her if she would like to move forward, she said "Yes" and the computer did not respond. She tried to hit Yes two more times before a blue screen appeared. She figured it submitted as a Prometric logo appeared on the screen shortly after her third attempt to submit.

As she was signing out, the Prometric staff asked if she had finished her exam or was taking a break. The candidate relayed that she was finished and was asked to walk back into the testing room to check the status of her computer. The Prometric logo still on the screen, Prometric staff asked twice if she had forfeited her exam and said to the candidate that she was unaware of the exam process as she had never taken it herself and therefore was uncertain how to help the candidate. The employee gave her a Prometric card with an 800# to call.

She called Prometric immediately upon leaving the testing center and was on hold for 45 minutes only to be told that Prometric had no further jurisdiction to act on her behalf. They told her to call NASBA.

When NASBA got back to the candidate, they informed her that her exam answers had been captured correctly and had been successfully sent to the AICPA for scoring.

Talk about unnecessary drama and confusion.

Personally, I have never heard of an option to "forfeit" – I mean, who the hell would DO that? Knowing how prone to technical issues Prometric is, I'd think having a "forfeit" option at all would be akin to the bad guys in a space movie accidentally hitting their own spaceship self-destruct button. Has anyone encountered a "forfeit" button?